For the last few years major cruise liners have taken a decision to position more and more cruise liners in Europe for the summer. Because of this move, each New Year that goes by is known in the industry as the biggest cruising season in Europe. If you have not been to Europe yet you need to know that the best way to see it is by cruise ship, there are a number of reasons for this.

The Highlights of a Mediterranean Cruise

On any Mediterranean cruise you will enjoy the absolute best of Europe. Here you get the opportunity to eat pizza in a true Roman Piazza or live the glam life in Cannes. Build up memories that you can only dream of while the Greek Islands offers you Michelangelo’s in magnificent Florence. Each and every cruise will leave you awestruck and inspired with views from the Rock of Gibraltar and the ancient architecture of Barcelona. Walk through ancient cities bartering for bargains in street markets, or buying fabulous designer fashion in exclusive boutiques. There is an endless array of experiences to be had in the Mediterranean.

The Destinations of a Mediterranean Cruise

There are 4 basic regions to cruise in Europe. The first, the Mediterranean Sea is split into 2 regions, the Eastern and the Western Mediterranean. The Western region destinations include such places as Barcelona, Monte Carlo, France, and Italy with highlight destinations being, Pisa, Rome and Matla. The eastern region is split up into destinations that include the Greek Isles, Croatia, Venice, Istanbul, Turkey, and Corfu, with highlight destinations being Athens, Istanbul, Thera, Mykonos, Cyprus, and Kusadasi.
mediterranean cruise

Mediterranean Cruise Itinerary

There are a number of cruises that service the waters of the Mediterranean. Most of them offer cruises that last for set days, these are usually 6 nights or 11 nights, with some cruise companies offering different packages for 3 nights, 1 night and numerous others up to 2 weeks or more for those looking for a long getaway with their loved ones.

6 Night Itinerary

A typical 6 night Mediterranean cruise will start with the departure from Barcelona. Day 2 will run you through France and then Florence and Rome and Day 3 and Day 4. Day 5 will be spent at sea as you make your way through to Croatia on Day 6 to end up in Venice, Italy on Day 7.

11 Night Itinerary

A typical 11 night cruise through the Mediterranean will start from Venice Italy on Day 1 and Day 2 before you make your way to Montenegro on Day 3. On Day 4 you will spend the day and night cruising until you reach Athens on Day 5 and Ephesus in Turkey on Day 6. Day 7 will take you through to Bodrum in Turkey before you make your way to Mykonos and Santorini in Greece on Day 8 and Day 9.On Day 10 you will be cruising to Croatia where you will spend Day 11 before ending your relaxing awe inspiring cruise back in Venice, Italy on Day 12.

No matter the duration of the cruise you take through the Mediterranean there is never enough time for you to take everything in, leaving you wishing that the stay was longer.