Felucca or cruise ship? Cruising down the Nile

// // Whichever way you go, cruising the Nile offers an enchanting way to see the treasures of ancient Egypt, bringing the life and times of the Pharaohs to life. Cruises can be as short as two or three days or continue for over a week. The ships that cruise the Nile are more like luxurious ferry boats than huge ...

Exploring the Coasts of France

// // Travellers to France can enjoy the multiple opportunities provided by the country’s coasts for camping, walking, and exploration. France’s Northern, Western, and Southern coasts offer a lot of variety in terms of climate, cities, and towns - the South tends to be more popular for its Mediterranean climate, while the West or Atlantic coast is milder and home ...

The Journey of a Mediterranean Cruise

For the last few years major cruise liners have taken a decision to position more and more cruise liners in Europe for the summer. Because of this move, each New Year that goes by is known in the industry as the biggest cruising season in Europe. If you have not been to Europe yet you need to know that the ...

What’s a party cruise?

A party cruise is a type of cruise vacation in which dancing, drinking and general rowdiness, as well as festive behavior is the order of the day. Tourist agencies and cruise lines usually target the younger generation when marketing their party cruises especially the college going students. Several other types of cruises are notorious for being too relaxing and laid ...

Caribbean Cruises

From the warm tropical weather to exotic food and drink, jewel toned seas, white sand beaches, and charming accents. These are some of the hallmarks of a vacation in the Caribbean. No wonder Caribbean cruises still remain popular. With over twelve cruise lines that offer journeys to a number of island destinations, it is difficult to choose where to start ...
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