Travelling to Mexico on a cruise ship is the best way to travel if you want to skip the boring drives to the airport, waiting for the flight and driving back to the hotels of each and every destination. A cruise around Mexico will give you the opportunity to explore many destinations without wasting your time and the airports. You simply will be hopping off from your cruise to each destination while the ship awaits to take you to the next destination. You can make your trip even more enjoyable if you pack right for the cruise. Here are some tips how you can pack right to enhance your cruise experience.

packing for a cruisePack clothing appropriate to the weather
Mexico has a warm weather all the year round but it can fluctuate to a certain extent. For instance if you visit to Cancun around January the temperature can drop and one may need a sweater during the evenings and nights. So if your cruise is during the warmer months pack lots of T-shirts, shorts, polo shirts, sandals as your regular wear. But if you intend to plan Mexico during the cooler months do not forget to include sweatshirts, jeans etc in addition to average clothes you wear during the warmer months.

Be ready for the day trips
Most of the cruises stop at a new port almost every day. That is exactly one of the attractions of cruise tours. With minimum effort you are stepping into a new destination each day. So be ready for the day trips. In fact you will be taking quite a few day trips during your cruise tour. If you plan to take day trips pack comfortable shoes or sandals, sun glasses, sun tan, hats and umbrellas. Never carry new shoes or sandals on your holiday. New sandals and shoes can make your feet sore and hurt. So you have to make sure all your footwear are well seasoned for your feet and you are comfortable wearing them for a long time. Also it is a sensible idea to carry a small backpack or a tote bag on your tour. So you can carry your water bottles, maps, books, magazines cameras and mobile phones in that.

If it requires you to carry your passport also it is no problem since you are carrying the small bag which will have everything you need during your day trip.

More than one swimsuit
Unlike any other holiday you will be spending lots of time in the swimming pool. Some of the cruise ships have a swimming pool in the cruise ship and even if not you would have so many opportunities to dip into the sea. So it is advisable to bring at least two swimsuits. This way you can be sure that you always have one dry swim suit.

Formal clothing for dinner
When you think of packing for a trip formal clothing is the last thing comes to one’s mind. But it is a must if you go on a cruise. Most likely the regular buffet dining room will allow you to enter in your regular clothing but the fancy restaurants would want everybody to be dressed in formal attire. Depending on the ship formal attire may mean dress shirts to suits for men and for women it can be from skirts and blouses to dresses.

Personal entertainment
While there are so many options for entertainment on a cruise ship it is advisable to bring along your own personal entertainment items too. Since most of the cruise entertainment is performed during the night time you should arrange your own entertainment during the daytime. So pack few books, magazines, mp3 music players, puzzle books.

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This guest blog article is written by Melissa Welsh. She is a freelance writer who enjoys the challenges of imagination and attention to detail. She loves to write about flights to the Maldives.