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The top 5 cruise ships

1. Royal Caribbean oasis of the seas- The ultimate fun ship. This is the biggest ship in the world, with its sister ship the allure of the seas, both are equally as exciting. There is seriously a crazy amount of things on this ship; it’s basically a city on water. The one thing that makes this my number one, the fact that DreamWorks is on here! That and the fact that they have a ben and jerry’s shop. If you have kids this is the best, Shrek comes and has breakfast with, Po from kung Fu panda for dinner and then you have a show put on by them. Spas, pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, a library and even a hair salon this ship literally has everything you need on-board. There’s even a Starbucks on-board! With over 25 places where you can get food, this place is the ultimate place to get spoilt.

Royal Caribbean oasis of the seas

2. Norwegian epic- there’s only one thing I can say about the Norwegian epic, and that’s the food. You can literally come grab a snack whatever time of day (or night) it is! There are again restaurants, buffets, grills and there is even a 24/7 pizza delivery service. the entertainment on-board this ship is excellent too, with the blue man group putting on shows, nickelodeon on-board for the kids and bands playing, you will never get bored on nights on this ship.
Norwegian Epic

3. Cunard queen Mary 2- this is the ship you come on for class and style. It is most likely the most expensive ship to book on out of all of these on the list, so it’s probably best to get booking for Queen mary 2 2014 cruises now, in case they sell out! She offers a huge amount of facilities form a state of the art 3d cinema to a planetarium and a superb spa. This ship is where you come to get treated like royalty, the staffs is extremely helpful and friendly and the food on here is some of the best quality in the world.

Cunard queen Mary 2

4. Disney fantasy- the most “magical” cruise ship in the world, this ship does offer a huge amount of surprises. It really makes you feel like a child again. What better ship can you go on to bring your kids? Imagine their faces the moment they see mickey or Minnie! With Disney themed shows such as Aladdin on every night, cinemas every night, Disney themed food for the kids, but don’t worry, there is a especially dedicated adults only area. With nightclubs, bars and an adult only nightclub to wind down whilst the kids are being looked after in a kids club.

Disney Fantasy

5. Celebrity silhouette- there is plenty on-board this ship to keep you occupied for weeks! With an aqua spa, a fitness centre and much more to do in the day time and a gorgeous molecular bar at night for the best cocktails you will ever drink. There are little surprises on-board this ship that adds to your relaxation such as the staff offering to bring a picnic up to you if you are sat relaxing, but it’s not just a normal picnic, it will be specially crafted from one of the speciality restaurants. This ship occupies around 2,800 people, but there is so much space on-board the ship that you feel that it’s all about you.

Celebrity silhouette

Top 3 cruises in San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is famous for its Hills, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and many other things. What better way to view these monuments than cruising the waters around the city?

Granted, some of San Francisco’s attractions can be better viewed by land. But because San Francisco has so many landmarks that can be seen by land as well as by water. And being on a ship, cruising the waters of the Pacific Ocean, beats walking the streets any day of the week. Here is a list of the 3 best cruises offered in the waters surrounding San Francisco.

San Francisco cruises

The Party Cruise San Francisco Bay.
The ultimate combination of culture and nightlife. This 3-hour during cruise starts in the San Francisco bay with a delicious small buffet containing Latin foods, Italian pastas, fresh breads and tasty desserts. While having dinner you can enjoy the San Francisco landmarks like the Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge. After dinner it is time to relocate to the deck for music and hip movement whilst enjoying the skyline of San Francisco. For the cultural party people this should be on their ¨to do¨ list.

Champagne Brunch Cruise
For the mellower traveller this is a perfect opportunity to relax but also enjoy the landmarks of San Francisco. This cruise offers a nice brunch with unlimited champagne and some onboard entertainment. The boat will go past the famous island of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge and many other San Francisco monuments. If you are looking for a cultural laidback afternoon this 2-hour during cruise fits right in.

The San Francisco Supper Club Cruise.
This exclusive 3-hour cruise includes dining, dancing and cruising. With a large variety of food choices the Supper Club has something for everyone’s taste. After this exquisite dinner you can dance the night away while the city lights and landmarks pass by. For the party loving traveller this is something we definitely recommend doing.

Other cruises
Of course these are only 3 of many cruises that are available in the San Francisco Bay. There are also cruises where you can get of the ship and visit some of the landmarks, for example Alcatraz, instead of just passing by them. Also possible are cruises that take you further up the Pacific Ocean, instead of only the bay. There are many different possibilities for taking a cruise from San Francisco. You might say there is a little something for everyone. So find your cruise and pack your bags and before you know it you’ll be enjoying San Francisco seaside.

Our guest author Rein Croll is a travel writer for Tripobox which is a collaborative travel platform where you can arrange and book the cruises mentioned above as well as other things. Get inspired by choosing from a wide range of offerings to stay, eat and do in San Francisco.

Cruising Nightmares: Would You Book A Cruise Today?

In lieu of the many recent Carnival Cruise nightmares and disasters, many people are rethinking their vacation plans. In the past, a cruise seemed like an easy, “all-inclusive” way to spend time off. Before deciding to take a cruise, it’s important to look into recent and past cruise nightmares, as a cruise may not be the best way to spend one’s vacation.

Recent Carnival Cruise Mishaps

In recent weeks, not one, but two Carnival cruise ships (Carnival Triumph and Carnival Legend) have suffered serious issues, including engine trouble. This has led these two ships to be stranded offshore, leading to extreme conditions onboard for the passengers. People with children may be especially weary of what a cruise vacation may be, especially if they become stranded offshore with a young child.

Carnival Triumph, perhaps among the more well-known of recent mishaps, became stranded for five days out in open waters. A fire in the engine room took out power on the ship, which caused serious issues throughout. With no working toilets, among other inconveniences, the ship became a floating wasteland in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. In this particular situation, passengers were given a full refund and an additional $500. Carnival Triumph has since been removed from the fleet lineup.

Carnival Legend appears to have suffered from technical issues, resulting in sputtering and preventing the ship from reaching its ideal speed for a cruise. Vacationers paid for a seven day cruise, but received only a four day cruise due to the technical issues. Furthermore, Carnival only offered a $100 credit per person, which hardly makes up for the lost vacation time or the thousands of dollars spent on the cruise initially.

Though these appear to be the two better known of recent mishaps, it is important to note that several Carnival ships have also been suffering issues, including Dream and Sunshine. This has led to a company wide fleet review of all ships.

Are Cruise Ships American-Based Companies?

Unfortunately, the reality is that the majority of all cruise ships are not registered to the United States. The cruise industry is about making money, and U.S. regulations can be considered costly. Instead, cruise ships are registered to other countries including Liberia, Panama and the Bahamas. By doing so, these ships can avoid paying the fees of U.S. regulations.

This also allows the ships to bypass safety and standard regulations. Many passengers are unaware of this and assume the ships are American-based, which leads to problems later on down the road when a serious issue happens. It is harder for passengers to go after the ship since they are not American based.

In the end, it is up to the passenger to determine whether a cruise is a worthwhile experience. Recent cruise ship nightmares and the knowledge that the ships are not subject to American safety and standard regulations, may deter many future cruise-goers from purchasing a ticket aboard the next stranded ship.

About the Author: Marian Solomon loves to travel and has enjoyed several cruises but encourages you to search until you find the right package for you. It may be a tour or a cruise, but it should be to a destination you’ll enjoy.

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