When you’re travelling on a cruise, you’re bound to be in tight quarters with the people around you, whether it’s the family or friends you’re sharing a cabin with or the other passengers getting in your way. The team at Bon Voyage decided to do a little research into this in order to find out what things annoyed passengers most on cruises and whether there was anything they could do about it.

They asked 1,738 people who had recently been on a cruising holiday and many of the answers that came back were quite predictable, including the top answer which 38% of respondents gave that they found the mindless chatter of other cruisers grating. The other answers were as follows:

  • 27% said that they couldn’t stand other people on the cruise entering and invading their personal space.
  • 22% were annoyed at other passengers being drunk and disorderly during the cruise, including shouting, fighting and rowdy behaviour.
  • 14% found they were problems with long queues for the buffet meals or activities because passengers were indecisive.
  • 11% got irritated by young children on board the ship.

While many of these issues cannot be easily solved by a cruise agent, Steph Curtin, the Cruise Development Manager for Bon Voyage stated that: “It is important for cruise companies to be made aware of the certain factors of holidays that customers did not enjoy, or felt could be improved. A sign of a great cruise company is one that would take these annoyances on board and actively try to improve conditions for all future passengers, and this is why the majority of cruise lines ask customers to complete a survey at the end of their cruise to highlight any areas for improvement.”

There were though a few surprising answers which unfortunately Bon Voyage are not able to do anything about. These include a gentleman who had troubles sleeping due to the noisy activities going on late into the night from the amorous couple next door, and an elderly couple whose cruise was less than satisfactory due to a ghost haunting their cabin!

Fortunately 94% of respondents made it clear that they had very much enjoyed the experience of the cruise as a whole and would be most interested in booking cruising holidays again in the future.