Your European travel diary might certainly be full of amazing destinations ranging from the snow clad Alps to the tranquil beaches in the west, but apart from the picturesque sights of Europe, where nature has been at its best, it features quite a few locations that are envied by avid travelers for their historical and cultural significance along with the tranquility that they offer. Destinations like Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, and Berlin top this list and attract millions of enthusiasts from all over the world primarily during spring to fall as the days are warmer and longer. Read on to know more about these places and learn why you should visit them.


To begin with the Czech capital, Prague is a majestic city in the central Europe, famously known with metaphors like “golden” and “the crown of the world” since the Middle Ages and is acclaimed all over the world for its beauty as well as historical and cultural significance. Built on nine hills across the Vltava River, the city reflects Gothic and Renaissance eras in its architecture apart from eclipse of Baroque style and the Romanesque – the era to which Prague owes its roots. A city famous for its glorious architectural structures, like the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, St Nicholas Cathedral, or the Powder gate among others, Prague attracts visitors from all over the world due to its astonishingly amazing monuments. The famous Prague Castle, apart from various other museums is the best way to trace the 1100 year old history of Prague that is as old as 9th Century for travel enthusiasts. You must visit Prague to experience the grand aura of the Holy Roman Empire that comes alive in each of its monument.


Romance is the first thing that pops into the mind when someone talks about Paris; certainly Paris is not entirely about romance. Being the centre of French Empire, it has a lot of cultural significance associated to it, which is reflected in its architecture. Widely known for its art, Paris is  famously known for the Eifel Tower and passionate kisses across the world; but it also has numerous architectural marvels that are prominent tourist magnets such as the  Arc de Triomphe , Notre-Dame, the Sainte Chapelle,  or the Sacré Coeur among others. Illustriously known as the City of Lights, Pairs is to be visited to see its religious eclecticism. Paris is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations and draws lovebirds from all over the world due to its staggering and unbelievable places to kiss, romantic walks, cruises, or passionately rejuvenating restaurants and hotels. Known for its cuisine, road side cafés and bistros, the French wine is something that attracts people from all over the world.


Another destination famous for its architecture rather than anything else is Amsterdam, which is well known for its museums and churches in addition to bridges and of course the Red Light District.  With over 50 museums in Amsterdam it is not an epiphany to call it a museum city where Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are the most famous and renowned ones. Places like Oude Kerk, Dam Sqaure, Begijnhof and Magere Brug, are important tourist destinations from the monumental perspective while Rembrandtplein, Leidse-square along with the notoriously famous Red Light District are great tourist magnets due to the nightlife they offer. Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals and bridges and a visit to the Dutch capital is incomplete without a boat ride. Its parks are amazingly serene and attract millions of visitors every year, especially during April to September.


Venice – the floating city – is a renowned destination among art and architecture lovers who flock to Venice in numbers each day. Its resplendent ambience for tourism longs back to the 18th century, when it was a favorite destination for art and music lovers; however in the modern world it is more famous for fashion, being the hub of various luxurious conferences and festivals like Venice Biennale and the Venice Film Festival. A favorite destination for cinematic industry, Venice is famous for places like St Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal, and the Piazza San Marco in the whole world that describes the historical and cultural significance of Venice more than anything else. Despite the city being overtly crowded with tourists almost all through the year, one must visit this picturesque location for its canals, museums, beaches and architecture. The city of small islands which are threaded by numerous canals thrills tourists’ a great deal and travelers come here to live a Venetians’ life that has no other medium except water to commute. Visit Venice whenever you want to barring winters; the best time being summers, but the huge crowd flocking to Venice during summers can’t be undermined. Beaches here would delight any tourist, but museums, architecture marvels like churches, monasteries, palazzos and buildings are other things to watch out for.


Tourists who possesses a taste for modern and post-modern architecture have got a perfect destination in Berlin to visit. Its bright and dark historical days can be explored in the numerous museums of the city, while several astonishing monuments such as Grunewald and Olympic Stadium depict its fascist lineage. The city is equally famous for beautiful nature accumulated in its parks that are a delight for any stroller. Berlin’s Photoautomaten – black and white photo booths – is another attraction for enthusiasts from all over the world. The aerial view of the city from Reichstag and from Europe’s fastest elevator on the 24th and 25th floor of the Kollhoff Tower is another feature that draws travelers to the German capital. A city of conventions, Berlin is worlds’ third biggest and Europe’s biggest convention centre which is better known for trade fairs like IFA, Grüne Woche (“Green Week”), InnoTrans, Artforum and the ITB more than anything else. Berlin along with these 4 other beautiful destinations welcome travelers all throughout the year and are known for their hospitality and food.

Easy accessible all through the year, you should visit these places if you have a knack for monuments and historic architecture.

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